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Saturday, 25 March 2017 10:22

Kenbury Bungalows

The development Kenbury Bungalows was completed in 2014, and was built for Knowsley Housing Trust.

The properties met our usual criteria of being located in a regeneration zone and were an efficient use of a brownfield site, bringing some much needed housing stock to an area where there was a clear demand for it. In terms of the design, we chose a timber frame structure for the development, due to its green credentials. This also matched with our objectives of achieving requirements for sustainable homes and Part L compliance.

The development was delivered on time and on budget, and the homes are now fully tenanted.

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Friday, 13 May 2016 18:36

Venture Business Centre

Venture Business Centre

Commercial Development in Liverpool

After identifying the need for premium office accommodation with the northern suburbs of Liverpool, Venture Business Centre opened its doors for business in 2014.

The site was a regeneration of a larger and more traditional office building, Venture Business Centre was financed by unitised sales and was brokered, renovated and is now managed by the wider family of Capital Developments.

Venture business centre is already fully occupied, providing the original Investors with a high return on their original investment. This project had a GDV of £1million.

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